2009 Interview with Tonya Baker!

Tonya Baker, CD-Life in Him, Masquerade

Tonya Baker, 2023, Keep Pressing

Tonya Baker sings, "My Worship"

Please stop by Tonya Baker's website at https://www.iamtonyabaker.com/ to purchase her music and see more YouTube clips of her anointed singing.
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Thank you for stopping by and God bless, Minister Neci.
I've always loved music. I've always wanted to be a DJ, and I've always wanted to be a singer! Well, I can continue to love music; I can look into learning how to be a DJ; but being a singer—well, maybe alone in my car is the best I will be able to do! My passion wasn't just to sing; it was to reach people with my voice. And although the Lord didn't give me a tune through the sound of music, he gave me a tune through spreading the message of Jesus with words, and I thank him for it. In celebration of having a new website, it was in my heart to reach back and grab something old to make it new again.

In the beginning years of my ministry, I began doing interviews for a newsletter I started called "Say It Ain't So News". And the first person to grace my newsletter with an interview was none other than Tonya Baker! My daughters and I just loved her CD, Life in Him, and shortly after that interview, as a family, we attended a concert of hers, and her voice was (and still is) so anointed, and my family has been listening to her every since.

Then I decided to write a book called "The Church is a Mess, But I Can't Leave", and I approached her again to ask if I could use her name in my book, and she said, yes!

Tonya Baker has always shown the love of Jesus through her music and the spirit she carries. It was an honor and pleasure to have her be the first person I interviewed for my newsletter in 2009.

As the Lord is leading me to now prepare to do more interviews with those who are in the music industry, it is only fitting to make her the first person to bless my new website with her interview.

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did putting it together and re-reading it after all these years.

Please click the link below to check out the interview I did with Tonya Baker in my first newsletter in 2009.