Sanctified - 2023 Interview

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I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite Christian Hip Hop artists, SANCTIFIED! I've recently had the privilege of interviewing him. Please take a moment to listen to his new relase called, "A King's Dream". This song will inspire not only you, but our entire community.
If you would like to connect to Mr. Sanctified, and stay up to date on his events and music, I encourage you to follow him on his Facebook page. There, you will be able to connect with other fans, engage in discussions and be the first to know about his upcoming projects.

Interview scheduled for October 24th @ 12Noon CST

Mr. Sanctified

Sanctified is a hip-hop artist that is set apart from other Christian rappers because of his unique approach to the industry. Being raised in the Baptist and Pentecostal churches, this is where his love and relationship with God were born. He fell in love with music at a young age. At that time, the hip-hop era was very influential on Sanctified. In fact, DMX was one of his biggest inspirations because DMX prayed on several records before each song. Since there has been an ongoing stigma that hip-hop music equates to the devil's music, Sanctified took a different approach, which is to mix his passion for music and his love for gospel into one. Experiencing various hardships and transitions, Sanctified was determined to pursue his career in music and to continue to change the lives of everyone who hears his music. Music is his safe place to vent.

King's Dream